A ceiling so clean, you’ll have to see it to believe it

Restore your filthy ceiling without paint or harsh chemicals – for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Imagine – a sparkling-clean ceiling with

  • No business disruptions to your staff or customers
  • No damage to the surface or surrounding area
  • No mess to clean up for weeks after it’s done
  • No lingering smells or nasty odours

Are you embarrassed to look up?

Dirty ceilings.

They’re ugly. They’re a health hazard. And they’re everywhere – in
  • Restaurants
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Apartments
It doesn’t matter what they’re made of – whether
  • Acoustic tile
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Plaster
  • Stone
  • Cement

If you’ve got a ceiling – and of course you do – chances are it’s a mess, because it’s not like you can ask your staff to clean it. And to fix it, you need to paint over it – right?

Or worse – if it’s really bad, you’ll need to replace the whole thing for thousands of dollars.



We used to clean our own kitchen ceilings at Applebee's but we found it so labor intensive, that it took us weeks to finish. Now we have CeilingPro clean it every 7 months and what a relief. Not only is the cost about the same, but the end results are so much cleaner. They've also replaced broken ceiling tiles, missing grid work and broken light inserts. Other Applebee's use their services also.

Katie SienkoGeneral Manager, Applebee's

Our company has used the services of CeilingPro on several occasions and have been very satisfied with their work. Specifically, they have been timely in submitting proposals for specific jobs and their proposals have been very competitive. Further, the quality of their work has been excellent, they work around the needs of the operation and they are timely in completing the project. Overall, CeilingPro delivers an excellent "value" to the customer.

Bryan AndersonRegional Vice President, Duke & King Acquisition Group (Burger King)

I would like to express my enthusiasm to you and your staff for the excellent job they performed on cleaning the vinyl ceiling and walls in our kitchen. Some of the walls behind heavy equipment and shelves hadn't been touched in years. I didn't think it was possible but everything looks newly replaced. Some of our kitchen help asked if the ceiling had been painted white. I will surely recommend CeilingPro International to all the Olive Garden Restaurants nationwide and other friends I have in food operations.

John ReiffOlive Garden

All the office and sales personnel came in on Monday and made comments such as "Wow, what a difference!" It must be a miracle cleaner that CeilingPro has that removed all the heavy layers of nicotine on the acoustic tile and lights. The show room and offices are much brighter and smell clean. Morale is up! Thanks for a job well done and thanks for saving me thousands of dollars on the cost of new tiles.

Frank Wrosz General Manager, Toyota City

You can have a clean ceiling again!

Our CeilingPro system has been melting the grime off tens of thousands of ceilings around the world for three decades.

Now you can clean your unsightly, unsanitary ceiling to like-new condition without a drop of paint. And at less than a quarter of the cost of replacing the whole thing!

Imagine the results.

A sparkling ceiling – and never being embarrassed to look up again.

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Every business needs a clean ceiling.

We’ve cleaned them all. And we can clean yours too!
  • Grocery store or supermarket
  • Restaurant or bar
  • Commercial or residential building
  • Office
  • Gymnasium or fitness club
  • Hospital
  • Bank
  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Stadium or concert hall
  • Church, temple or synagogue
  • Factory or warehouse
  • Garage
  • Daycare or rec centre
  • School or university
  • Movie theatre
  • Mall or shopping centre
  • Retail outlet or big box store
  • Car or truck dealership
  • Hotel or motel
Think your surface can’t be cleaned?

Our “gentle but tough” blend of non-toxic cleaners can restore all of these materials:

  • Acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Stone
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Plaster and painted plaster
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Teflon
  • Stucco
  • Styrofoam
  • Alucobond
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Fiberglass

And yes, before you ask…

We can also clean walls, facades, diffusors and ducts – even billboards and movie screens!

Porous or non-porous, CeilingPro does it all.

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Happy Clients
The CeilingPro system is the ceiling cleaner of choice for these prestigious corporations and more.

Why CeilingPro by Crystal Clean Maintenance?

Replace Ceiling

As Much As $20.00

Per Square Foot
  • Buy materials.
  • Cut tiles.
  • Tear down old ceiling.
  • Install new ceiling.
  • Dispose of old tiles.
  • Clean up after install.
Downtime for your business?
  • 1 week or more
Don’t forget
  • Highest cost
  • Very messy
  • Business has to be empty during work
  • Need to replace light fixtures
  • Much wasted material
  • Trained workers required

CeilingProYour Best Choice

Less Than $0.75

Per Square Foot
  • Spray on.
  • Wipe off.
  • Let dry.
Downtime for your business?
  • Just a few hours
Don’t forget
  • Low cost
  • Sanitizes – yet still odorless
  • Improves acoustic and fire rating
  • No mess
  • Little or no covering
  • No business interruption
  • Only one coat needed
  • One call to us and we’ll do the rest
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Paint Tiles

Sometimes Up To $2.00

Per Square Foot
  • Buy paint.
  • Mask or cover walls and floor.
  • Paint ceiling.
Downtime for your business?
  • Up to 3 days
Don’t forget
  • High cost
  • Leaves odor
  • Eliminates acoustic
  • Destroys fire rating
  • Business interrupted
  • Could stain carpets or furniture
  • Some waste
  • Several coats needed
  • Labor-intense

Still not convinced?

Watch CeilingPro in action.

How does it work?

CeilingPro is a custom blend of 18 different non-toxic solutions.

Once we spray it on, it changes the chemical makeup of the dirt that’s coating your ceiling. Best of all – it causes no damage whatsoever to the surface.

When we’ve finished spraying, we wipe off the dirt. We even clean your diffusers and light coverings.

The result?

A ceiling that looks as good as the day it was installed.

You won’t believe the difference – and you’ll wonder why you waited to clean your ceiling!

What does Show Me mean?

We know what CeilingPro can do for your ceiling. But we understand that sometimes you just need to see things for yourself.

So we’re making this special offer.

When you ask Crystal Clean Maintenance to come to your business to give you a quote, we’ll clean a tile for you – for free!

We won’t just tell you it works, we’ll show you!

Why are we cleaning tiles for free? Because we know that once you see what a difference CeilingPro can make on your ceiling, you’ll see things the way we do.

You need us to clean your ceiling!

Don’t delay. Book your Show Me appointment today.

Clean and restore your ceiling without paint or harsh chemicals. Call Crystal Clean Maintenance today and ask for CeilingPro.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, you’ll enjoy a “like new” ceiling without disruption or damage. And without any mess or lingering odors.

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